10 Camping Must-Haves: The 2022 Guide

1 Sunscreen

Protection comes first! You wouldn’t want to interrupt that peace because you got a bad sunburnt… Sometimes in the countryside or mountains, it is hard to hide from direct sun.

2 First Aid kit

Alcohol, bandages, pins, tweezers, gauze… These are some un- avoidable items to have in a first aid kit. If you can get a complete set, it can be a life saviour in case of any accident.

3 Tire inflator

Fun cannot be stopped! A powerful inflator can help you with a flat tire if stranded in middle of a mountain. If you are thinking of taking an inflatable bed, this is also a must-have that will save you a great amount of effort.

(HOTO Electric Tire Inflator, a photo by @trex.setup on Instagram)

4 Water bottle with filter

Drinking from natural water sources is not recommended, you never know what kind of microorganisms to find in those seemingly clean waters. If you are not careful, maybe there is an animal having a nice toilet-moment somewhere nearby. To make water drinkable, a filter is essential, as well as a generous container.

5 Flashlight

A powerful and long-lasting flashlight is what every camper needs for overnight camping. Even if you don’t stay overnight, away from the city lights, nights are darker (and scarier). If you don’t want to be stopped by a lack of sunlight, get yourself a flashlight. We recommend HOTO Flashlight Lite, a smart flashlight with multiple life-saving modes. For example, SOS Mode alerts people in a nearby radius of your presence. To learn more, reach out to the website!

(HOTO Flashlight Lite with the diffuser attached. A photo by @mandoo_rark on Instagram)

6 Washer

You may be wondering why. The answer is clear: fun and effective. HOTO has a High Pressure Washer that is lightweight, cordless, and powerful. A pressure washer not only helps you with cleaning big surfaces and kitchen utilities, it can also be used to create “fake rain” and humidify the area.

(HOTO High Pressure Washer, a picture by @choahgram on Instagram)

7 Washer Kit

Instead of getting a fridge, the versatile HOTO Washer Kit can be used as a fridge, a container, and a fishing bucket. This kit also comes with a big sponge and a micro-fibre towel.

8 Cooking set

If you want to eat something more than leaves and fruits. Get a cooking set before you leave for your camping adventure.

9 Sleeping bag

There are some really good sleeping bag options out there, but don’t forget to get a sleeping pad. A yoga mat could do, but make sure it doesn’t absorb all the moisture from the ground. A good sleeping bag will warm you on freezing nights and ensure a good night’s sleep.

10 Pocket knife

And of course, to end the list, a multi-function pocket knife is that basic that says “I went camping”. As a Bear Grills’ fan, I can firmly say that sometimes, this is all you really need!

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