2022 Midsummer Fun Activities With HOTO Must-Haves!

3 min readAug 1, 2022


How many heat waves have you gone through this year? Countless, I imagine! In the midst of an insufferable summer, here we have a guide on how to use these HOTO tools to survive what feels like the longest and hottest summer ever.

HOTO Flashlight Fit: Peregrinate to Spain and walk the Camino de Santiago

This is the go-to tool for explorers and late-night-walk lovers. The HOTO Flashlight Fit is a new version of our previous HOTO Flashlight Lite that we’ve just put out to the market. It has all the basic musts: 3 modes (lighting, flashing, SOS), 1500mAh large capacity, effective inner cooling system, a hidden hanger, adjustable brightness… And much more!

This simplified HOTO flashlight is more economical, and it is a great choice for all those who are planning something outdoor for this summer, like the Camino of Santiago (maybe?). HOTO Flashlight Fit reaches farther (200m to be precise) and works longer, lasting up to 24h. With IP55 certification, HOTO Flashlight Fit is THE RELIABLE FLASHLIGHT.

Find it individually, in packs of two, and even three! Product link

HOTO Outdoor Wash Kit: Fishing, car washing, or maybe a water fight?

“Wash” is in its name, but this tool can do far more than that. With the trifecta combo of a tarp bucket, a super-absorbent cloth, and a double-sided mega sponge, the possibilities are more than you can imagine. Here are some unusual ideas:

1) Tarp bucket+sponge: cut up some sponges and dip them in water. Throw them around as if they were hand grenades and prepare for the ultimate water fight!

2) Cloth+bucket: place it somewhere near and give yourself a quick rinse and shower to clean off all that sweat!

3) Only tarp bucket: fill it with ice and make it a portable fridge for your garden parties, take it out fishing, or use it as a pool for your pet!

Options are infinite, discover more on the official website

HOTO High Pressure Washer: God of Water, make it rain!

(a photo taken by @jsetups, found on his Instagram)

We’ve presented this tool many times before but we can still find new ways to use it! Well this time it was one of our ambassadors who used it during a trip to the mountains and showed us that with HOTO High Pressure Washer you can make it rain whenever you want! Because YES, it is cordless. HOTO High Pressure Washer is battery-operated, which means that the only thing you need is a generous supply of water and you’re off to go!

(Video by Korean vlogger “아캠 ACAM”. Watch from minute 07:24)

If you make it fast, maybe you can find a promo of HOTO Outdoor Wash Kit + High Pressure Washer. If not, you’ll definitely find other huge deals… Visit our store!

(an honest IG review from @cafe_nsw shows showing how he uses HOTO High Pressure Washer)

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