3 Unusual Fathers’ Day Gifts To Surprise Him On His Day!

Tire Inflator

“Why would my father need a tire inflator?” you may ask yourself. Well, it’s quite simple. Everyone needs one of these! This tool doesn’t only work with car tires. It also pumps up balloons, inflatables, bike tires… Really, just anything. This tool opens new possibilities. Now you can cycle around worry-free, or have an amazing pool party with your friends and family. Maybe you choose to organize a birthday party with hundreds of balloons and inflatables… Who knows!

(HOTO Tire Inflator, a photo by @theshufflefluff on IG)

25in1 Precision Screwdriver Set

Is he struggling with tiny screws? HOTO designed this kit just to make day-to-day fixing jobs something much easier. For tech geeks, people with glasses or watches, fixing tiny screws is something more common than rainy days in London. This 25in1 Precision Screwdriver Set is magnetic! So manually picking up screws won’t be necessary anymore because the magnetic screwdriver will pick and install screws automatically!

(HOTO 25in1 Precision Screwdriver Set, a photo by @macmike on IG)

Laser Measure

This could be your way of supporting you old man with his projects! Maybe he’s fond of carpentry, or he’s been thinking about renovating the guest room, building a closet for you, or constructing a whole new house… HOTO Laser Measure comes in handy with any project where measuring is necessary! An indispensable tool, such as this one, should fit in a pocket and be light as a feather. HOTO’s laser measure is exactly that!

(HOTO Laser Measure, a photo by @industurzlaser on IG)

#MakeItHappen with HOTO Home Tools

Official webpage: https://hototools.com/



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