Did I hear discounts? Summer MUST-HAVES to combat heat and boredom!

  • Purchases over 100$ will have a 5$ discount before payment
  • Purchases over 200$ will have a 10$ discount before payment
  • Purchases over 300$ will have a 15$ discount before payment

HOTO High Pressure Washer

This could be the most useful and important tool for this summer. With temperatures exceeding 40ºC (104ºC), proper hydration is essential to avoid pressure drops and dizziness. HOTO High Pressure Washer helps you hydrate pavements, porches, and can water plants in seconds! With this heat, avoid direct sun exposure and remember to humidify all frequented rooms and areas.

HOTO Tire Inflator

Something about summer, is that hot pavements, or heat in general, deteriorate the condition of tires and playing balls. To ensure road safety and fun at home, a HOTO Tire Inflator that can do it all is more than necessary!

(HOTO Tire Inflator, a photo by @miss.rover on Instagram)

HOTO Flashlight Lite

Don’t say NO to a summer of great fun! We spend daytime under the office AC or in front of our home fan. With heat, more and more activities are carried out at night. Maybe under the stars of a country house? Late night walks feeling the summer breeze can get dangerous if you wander around and it gets dark. HOTO Flashlight Lite is the one that you can carry around to avoid any “incidents”. And, if they were to happen, our flashlight also features SOS modes to alert anyone nearby.

(HOTO Flashlight Lite, a photo by @mitch_explores on Instagram)

#MakeItHappen with HOTO Home Tools

Official webpage: https://hototools.com/



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