Finally here! 4 NEW Summer Launches! Outdoor Tools by HOTO Tools

(1/4) HOTO Camplight

(2/4) HOTO Flashlight Fit

We saw this tool earlier this month. Yes! It is HOTO Flashlight Fit, a more affordable version of its predecessor: HOTO Flashlight Lite. This new flashlight is what we’d say “simplicity at its finest”. With a minimalist design and refined details, HOTO Flashlight Fit has that attractive look that does not disappoint, but what’s even better is the IP55 certified dustproof and water-resistant design.

(3/4) HOTO Washer Pro

“The best hassle-free way of cleaning”. A few words that sum it up just right! HOTO Washer Pro is the upgraded version of HOTO 20V Cordless Pressure Washer. The new PRO version comes with quite a few changes… Now, we reach higher pressures, 348 PSI to be exact.

(4/4) HOTO Washer Kit

The chameleon Washer Kit with more possibilities than uses you can think of. This kit features more than the Tarp Foldable Bucket, it also includes a Double-side Sponge and a Super-absorbent Cloth.

#MakeItHappen with HOTO Home Tools

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