[HOTO GIFTS] Better Than Flowers or a SMS, Show Her That You Know Her Like Nobody Else!

4 min readMar 13, 2022


It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day to gift her something special for being the best role model one can have! During these times, when we recognize the importance of women in our lives, we use this short article to make a special mention to that woman who is strong, creative, and multifaceted! She’s a friend, a confident, but, most importantly, she’s our mom. Here, we have a selection of gifts that show how good you know her!


Tools are not only for men. Women of course need them too! Is your mom that type of mom who fixes every little thing, like glasses, watches, kettles, or even the TV? Well, this may be the gift just for her. This neat rectangular case stores a magic wand, the solution to all problems around the household. The HOTO Electric 25in1 Precision Screwdriver Set is a collection of the most used screwdrivers in the form of 25 magnetic bits that arrange perfectly in its case. With this thoughtful design, HOTO helps you stay organized and avoid the annoying task of tiding up the mess after a job.

(HOTO Electric 25in1 Precision Screwdriver Set, a photo by @_giordyx_ on IG)


Remember how, when you were a kid, your mom would follow you around, picking up every mess you’d made? Now that you are a grown-up, save your mother some time and energies with this all-inclusive screwdriver set! HOTO 3.6V Cordless Screwdriver is the definition of precise and effortless handcrafting. All 12 precision magnetic bits are stored in the cylindrical case that could also work as an accessory to one’s shelf. This electric screwdriver includes features such as adjustable torque, LED ring light, long lasting battery that manages +1000 screws (and recharges in only 1,5h!).

(HOTO 3.6V Cordless Screwdriver, a photo by @iglance_tech on IG)


This next tool may bring back some good old family memories. Crafting and DIYing is not only for kids! White, and gray, with a touch of yellow… This elegant but youthful tool is the best buddy for DIY loving mothers. HOTO Glue Gun opens new possibilities as to the types of crafts you may do at home. HOTO Glue Gun is a good-looking tool for our moms to have the best excuse to spend time with us and re-experience the joy of creating something hand in hand! Get crafty!

(HOTO Glue Gun, a photo by @stotodo on IG)


Is your mom the kind of mom that cooks like an angel, or the type that solely makes food for the sake of filling one´s stomach? No matter if she’s the former or latter, HOTO Smart Kitchen Scale will become a must-have! A novelty on this product is that you may connect it to Mi Home (official Xiaomi App) and your mom will be able to share (or receive!) recipes anytime anywhere. Plus, the homemade coffee feature on the App opens new possibilities for coffee lovers, and the convertible unit feature forgets about language barriers, allowing one to explore recipes from all around the world. Hurry! This is the best chance to upgrade her kitchen utensils!

(HOTO Smart Kitchen Scale, a photo by @aravisdolmenna on IG)

Dear beloved mother… Thank you for teaching us love, kindness, and gratitude. We take this chance to recognize your multiple roles in our lives, and the many forms you can take. Better than flowers, how about I gift you something celebrates that passion and creativity that makes you such a unique human being!

P.S: Love you, Mom.

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