Mother’s Day: HOTO Gifts with a personal touch

HOTO Tool Sets

We’ve recently launched the HOTO Tool Set series, featuring 3 different sets to meet all your needs: HOTO Hand Tool Set, HOTO 3.6V Screwdriver Tool Set, and HOTO 12V Brushless Drill Tool Set. The HOTO Tool Set series goes from manual tools like the traditional hammer, spanner, tape measure… to the hottest tools designed by HOTO. For example, you can find the 3.6V Screwdriver, and even HOTO 12V Brushless Drill, a tool that drills AND SCREWS! These sets are brand new, so if you hurry up, you might just be in time for some generous pre-launch deals!

HOTO Smart Kitchen Scale

If your most treasured feeling is the smell of your mom’s signature dish right after entering the house, this is the Perfect Gift! This Smart Kitchen Scale “speaks” different languages: ounces, millilitres, grams, and pounds! It measures up to 3kg and records all your recipes when connected to the MiHome App (Xiaomi’s App for home gadgets). With this Smart Kitchen Scale, your mom will be able to share her most delicious dishes with friends, family, anyone! If she’s not an extraordinary cook, she will become one eventually after discovering the countless recipes within reach thanks to the MiHome App.

HOTO Flashlight Lite

HOTO Flashlight Lite is really made for anyone. This flashlight is dimmable, zoomable, and it has some incredible features like the water and dust proof charging port, the diffuser head and most surprisingly, the easy-access SOS button that emits international distress signals or high-frequency flashes to alert and seek help. This is the best for camping, walking at night, and creating the most romantic ambient light…

HOTO Electric Tire Inflator⁣⁣⁣

The Electric Tire Inflator is what we think of when we say versatility. Despite its reduced size, this is a tool that airs up balloons, floaters, balls, bikes… HOTO Electric Tire Inflator is a tool designed to surprise the user. Can you guess how long it takes to air up a flat car tire? Only 8 minutes!

HOTO Glue Gun

Last but not least… HOTO Glue Gun for the win! An easy and straightforward tool to add more fun to long stays at home, rainy evenings, and cold weekends. HOTO Glue Gun heats up fast and cools down even faster so that using this hot glue gun is safe and family friendly.

#MakeItHappen with HOTO Home Tools

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