New Ways To Enjoy Summer (with HOTO Tools)

(1/3) HOTO Pressure Washer

Summer 2022 will be hotter than ever before. Remember that, to avoid sunstrokes, you need to keep it fresh and hydrated! HOTO Pressure Washer not only helps with your greens, with this tool, you can give you pets a nice wash and wet your porch. You can even take this outdoors (e.g. the riverside) and create rain in middle of summer! There are a hundred (and more) ways to enjoy heat, you just need the right tool…

(2/3) HOTO Electric Tire Inflator

HOTO Electric Tire Inflator is another cool and very handy gadget for a fun and entertaining summer. During these vacations, a lot of people choose to travel abroad. I am sure it is not only my Instagram feed that’s filled with influencers in Mykonos or Maldives… A pretty good alternative (or better) is going on a road trip! Pack an Electric Tire Inflator and get yourself for the BEST trip ever, with all the reassurement of having a life-saving gadget. Plus, it can air up balls and baloons, for parties and funsies!

(3/3) HOTO Flashlight Lite

Can this be the coolest and most popular tool for any outdoor activity? Yes, and with no doubt! Our users like to use it with the diffuser because it works as ambient light when they go camping. Other options could be hooking it up to make it into a lamp, or activating SOS mode if you are in some sort of danger. HOTO Flashlight Lite really does have all the functions one needs (and more!). This tool was designed for home-use and outdoor-use, with many secrets behind what’s visible to the eye…

#MakeItHappen with HOTO Home Tools

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