Tools To Survive Summer 2022: The ULTIMATE Guide

3 min readJun 22, 2022


This summer feels more like hell than ever before. Temperatures are rising and it doesn’t really feel like going out… Knowing this, we’ve prepared the Ultimate Guide to survive this summer!

Of course, it wouldn’t be the “Ultimate Guide” if we didn’t accompany it with special offers ;) During a limited period of time, our HOTO Official Website will apply a 25% discount on any third product from the shopping cart. Remember! It’s temporary.

HOTO 3.6V Screwdriver Gun

In these days of oppressive and stifling heat, working efficiently is more important than ever! With this HOTO tool, heat will not stop you from continuing with your projects. Work fast but effectively. HOTO 3.6V Screwdriver Gun is cordless! Plus, it is available in two attractive colors for a pop of fun :)

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HOTO Flashlight Lite

Beautiful walks will take you to discover gorgeous views. You will be able to breathe clean and fresh air. During summer, most activities are carried out after dawn, which makes a flashlight an even more important tool, not only to keep the fun going but also for your safety. With the SOS modes, outdoor camping, scavenger hunts, and other summer activities can be carried out without any worries!

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HOTO Tire Inflator

Let us tell you that you will be using this more often than you can imagine. Heat wears off tires and balls, and with these temperatures, everyone is by the pool or beach. HOTO Tire Inflator is the go-to for Summer 2022. It is lightweight and minimalist, perfecto for carrying around.

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HOTO summer will be full of discounts and special offers. Stay tuned!

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👉🏼 Did I hear discounts? Summer MUST-HAVES to combat heat and boredom!

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